Leandro Ardissone

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I'm web and mobile developer, technology enthusiast and music lover. When an idea comes to my mind I don't stop until finish it. I love to create interactions between software and hardware worlds.

About Me

I have been programming professionally for more than 12 years being passionate by all the new technologies and standards. Started working for internet since it appeared for domestic usage on my country (~1996), creating and innovating with high quality products and never stopped. Worked on a lot projects, for many clients around the world.

In my background there are a lot of languages that I've used and then replaced for better alternatives, from C and Perl, to actually Python and Javascript. And always investigating new things to play with.

Worked on a few companies in Argentina, and also worked a lot remotely for different companies around the world: USA, England, Spain, Mexico, Ecuador, and Colombia.

Created from simple websites to huge web applications that included different technologies like: cloud computing, non-relational databases (noSQL), web services, responsive mobile website applications, complex user interfaces, authentication and application APIs.

Lately, I've started playing with native mobile development and currently working on my first iOS game.

I am proficient in many programming languages, environments, and operating systems, and can pick up new ones in the blink of an eye.

My Skills
  • Python 85%
  • Django 90%
  • Javascript 75%
  • HTML 95%
  • CSS 80%
  • Design 40%
  • MongoDB 85%
  • AngularJS 70%
  • PostgreSQL 80%
  • System Admin 80%
  • API Development 90%
  • Amazon AWS 80%
  • Redis 80%
  • Objective-C 60%
  • PHP 85%
  • SEO 70%
  • Swift 45%
Professional Experience

Python and javascript developer / Gravity4

March 2015 to present

Help create the best marketing tools for publishers. More info.

Lead Software Developer / Munchkinfun.com

December 2011 to March 2015

We created a new way to book kids classes, easy and secure. (It's a second project from the same company I've worked before). More info.

Python / Javascript Developer / Quolaw.com

December 2012 to August 2014

We are changing lawyers lives by creating a modern online law studio administration system accessible from anywhere. More info.

Python Developer / entaste.com

November 2010 to November 2012

We worked in the biggest and more complete wine database in the world, with a bunch of products consuming it (web applications, iOS applications, etc). My main task is backend, database and API developer + sys admin.

We created the first digital wine lists for restaurants in South America, where restaurants could enter to our system and create wine lists based on their cellar. Organized and with their own sommelier's notes. Then the waiters provide a tablet device (iPad, Android tablet) to the customers to order using an intuitive system. More info.

Python Developer / Munchkin Fun

July 2010 to October 2010

I've created a website that connect kids events with parents for some cities in Miami, FL. Technologies used where Python, Django, Amazon S3, Stripe, and Google Maps API. I still continue maintaining it. More info.

Python Developer / Dellustrations

January 2010 to June 2010

We created a great social network for printing business, where designers meets printing companies. The site is PrintedPiece, a hard but satisfactory work using Python and Django.

Executive Technical Director - Product Manager - Front-end Developer / Freshout

September 2008 to September 2009

"We create web experiences for humans". This is the slogan for the company, which I agree 100%. I'm helping the company to get everything done in the correct way, always looking for the excellence as possible. I help other people to find the adequate technology on their tasks. More info.

Lead Programmer / Front-end Developer / HiDef

June 2005 to September 2008

Working for big companies always is a big deal. We love it, we love the adrenaline of deliver a good product in time. We worked on custom clients requirements, they are a specialists in Drupal development. Mainly focused on the non-profit organizations. I am proud to have worked with these awesome people. More info.

Web and Flash Programmer / R&D Specialist / AXG Tecnonexo

December 2003 to December 2004

We worked on the intranet and project management system. The main product we developed there were SCORM compliant eLearning courses for big companies. More info.

Freelance Web Developer / Consultant / (myself)

December 2003 to Present

Always kept my love to help people, and continued doing freelance in my spare time to old clients and friends.

Freelance Web Developer / System administrator / Miami based Web Design Company

October 2001 to November 2003

(Real company name removed by their request, due to SEO issues).

We worked for many small and big companies. My work there was as backend programmer and system administrator (I managed their hosting servers until 2011).

Cofounder / Web Programmer / Systems Administrator / i-logic Studios

July 2000 to April 2005

CEO of this startup company. Our first startup company. It was a great experience and we known great clients and people. Our main speciality was turn from static pages to dynamic on any client website or application. We worked a lot in the planning and execution of ideas.

Lead Programmer / Pergamino.com

December 1998 to May 1999

We created few startup companies and projects specially oriented to small business.

Education & Courses

Escuela de Enseñanza Técnica N1

1992 to 1998

Bachellor in Computer Science

MongoNYC 2012: Operations Hand-On Workshop

May 22nd 2012